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D.K. Exports is an ISO 9001:2015 certified, quality Manufacturer/Exporter of fabricated and machined components for Automotive, Furniture, Railways, and other industrial applications. We have in-house facilities to manufacture and export precision machined, fabricated, pressed, and welded engineering items as per customer drawings and specifications.

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CNC Machining

We are the class-leading manufacturer of CNC Machined, material handling components of all kinds and all of its related quality spare parts. We are a one-stop solution for our customers- from automotive, industrial to earth-moving and transportation industries. We are constantly serving to lead India's uprising demand in terms of machinery equipment. We fulfill its dynamic needs as well as offer an exceptional range of products. D.K. Exports is a comprehensive manufacturing organization having a very...

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Hydraulic Cylinder

A Hydraulic Cylinder is a mechanical machine (actuator) that produces unidirectional force with unidirectional strokes. These cylinders can effortlessly bear heavy loads and are efficient for the continuity of operational works. That is the reason why D.K. Exports have their very own unit of Hydraulic Cylinders that manufactures products perfectly, without any errors, and conducts a smooth experience for your business operation. With our remarkable manufacturing experience and expertise..

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Metal Stamping

We also deal in converting metal sheets into specific shapes. It is all followed by a complex process of metal forming techniques. Our sheet metal components designs are on the verge of an ISO-certified manufacturing workforce. These sheets ensure excellent performance, reliability, and dimension accuracy. Which beautifully meets the requirement of various industrial segments. As the market evolves globally, there is a boost in demand for production. It's tough...

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Pipe Bending

We are leading manufacturers of pipe bending components used in pipe fabrication, concerning different processes for different grades of piping. Pipe fabrication is a method of joining two pipes together. Although, this process is achievable through different welding methods, from arc welding to inert gas welding. This method requires high-quality components designed to draw enhancements and refinements throughout the manufacturing process. Our expertise..

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Rubber Parts

The demand for rubber to metal-bonded parts is exponentially high in industrial applications. In the rubber-metal bonding process, the rubber is mechanically bonded to a metal insert, fabricated by the methods such as rubber injection or transfer molding (which requires a lot of expertise to perform). D.K. Exports has been manufacturing custom bonded rubber-to-metal parts for almost two decades. We believe we have unsurpassed knowledge...

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D.K. Exports design, restores and manufactures an exceptional series of Stillages. A Stillage is like a wooden rack or steel pallet used for holding and transporting goods without loading or unloading product. It is being carried, ensuring the safety of the products and also saves valuable time. Our Stillages, used across industries ranging from storage to transportation. The Stillages we manufacture are nestable and can maximize...

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Success for us is more than mere statistics. Our passion for excellence is what steers it. Every component we manufacture, ranging from our hydraulic cylinders, precision CNC machined components to complex sheet-metal fabrications, set out to define the industry's best practices and create benchmarks of international standards.

We have a team of experts who can guide you to select and custom-build a particular piece of machinery as per your work requirement. They can effortlessly fabricate machinery as per your plant layout and even improve and develop your current equipment.

Accurate Production

D.K. Exports have in-house facilities of manufacturing and exporting precision machined, fabricated, pressed, and molded engineering products, as per customer samples, drawings, and specifications. We provide full support with additional local sourcing, electronic data exchange, IMDS, and quality documentation.

Design Support

We create technical drawings for the design of your mechanical devices. We work closely with engineers and architects to accomplish our design work. We produce standard plans and create assembly prints, mechanical drawings, and fabrication specifications, as per what our clients require.

Repair And Conversion

We do not believe in one-time transactions of selling our products. We build relationships. Therefore, we ensure to provide guidance and our exceptional service to our clients, even after their purchase. We repair and, if required, work again on your requirements too.

Machinery / Technical Assistance

D.K. Exports provide machinery and technical assistance during the selection, assembly, and installation of equipment. We pay meticulous attention to the processes and machinery (already installed), plant layout, raw materials used, energy conservation, and pollution control procedures of our clients while providing machinery assistance to them.

Prompt Response

If our clients require our guidance/advice, we ensure to provide them with our timely acknowledgment. We understand that even a minute glitch in the process of manufacturing and assembling products can cause huge loss to our clients.


D.K. Exports sources and supplies: single machines, industrial equipment, combined systems, as per the specified requirements of its clients. With our prominent network of suppliers, our knowledge of local markets, and experience in diversified industries, our machine sourcing brings our clients' projects to life.